On April 11, hundreds of teachers organized protests outside Ministry of Education offices in Ahwaz, Andimeshk and Alvar Gramsiri in Khuzestan province, demanding recognition of their trade union rights and calling for salary increases and a better standard of living.

The deputy of Planning and Human Services at the Ministry of Education in Khuzestan, Haraj Chadavi, told the Iranian Labour News Agency ILNA that an unprecedented number of teachers had left the region in recent months to look elsewhere for work, Many of them emigrated following the winter’s dust storms, which crippled the region’s economy.

Chaldavi also told ISNA in Khuzestan that a number of teachers would be retiring this year. “This will add to the existing shortage of the teaching labor force. The shortage will definitely lead to a serious decline in the education of children of the province.”

“An organizing committee has been set up to deal with this shortage,” Chaldavi said. Among the goals of committee were “the prevention of unnecessary emigration, the prevention of unrelated unspecialized educational activities and proper employment of those carrying out their military service as teachers in the required fields.”


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